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About Rexsil

Rexsil is the Company that is specialized in manufacturing of quality silicone rubber.

Manufacturing high quality sealing strips, tubes, joint tapes, gaskets and hoses calls for experience and expertise. With more than, all together, 100 years of professional background we feel justified in considering our selves experts in this field.

Rexsil is a small company that started in 1989. We are today 8 employees and our turnover is about 20 millions Swedish crowns. Roughly half of our production is export.

When we first set up the company in 1989 we made around 30 different profiles. A lot has happened since then. Both Rexsil and our product range have grown rapidly. We cater for most silicone sealing applications and now manufacture over 600 different profiles. We develop designs as new requirements arise.

Our strength lies in being small and vital. Nothing is impossible. We can help you right from the start. Our business philosophy is founded on solving customers problems, so flexibility and good service come naturally to us. Production times are short and adaptable to the customers needs.

Making high quality custom products at short notice is a natural part of our business.

Although we are a small company, we don’t have any trouble to produce larger quantities.


About silicone

Ageing characteristics:

Silicone is unaffected by UV-light, ozone or other forms of radiation. It shows no signs of ageing, even after many years of use.

Thermal resistance:

Standard types retains elasticity down to –70°C and up to 225°C. Special types can withstand even higher and lower temperatures; from –115°C and up to 300°C.

Shape stability:

Silicone does not change its original shape even when subjected to long-term sompression. It recovers its original shape when the load is removed. Certain solvents can cause silicone to swell temporarily, but recovers when the exposure ceases.


No other type of rubber gives the same potential for bright and vivid colouring.

Tolerance accuracy: The homogeneity and process stability of this material allow the manufacture of extruded products with very tight tolerances.

Chemical stability:

Silicone is highly resistant to alcohols, oxides, chlorides and aromatic hydrocarbons. It also resists weak acids and alkalis, and is unaffected by boiling wather.

And more...

Silicone does not support bacteria or mold growth. There are many qualities than can be used safely in food and medical applications. Silicone can act as either an electrical insulator or electrical conductor.



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